Monday, January 26, 2009


OK I love using this to balance our checkbook etc. The other day
though while trying to figure out how much money we need to save for
Colin's college I had a moment.....

Apparently when you enter in personal information like your names and
dates of birth it makes some assumptions-

There was a drop down menu bar with the following:

Sean will retire 2025- OK not bad
Colin will need ____ for college!

But then -

Sean will die in 2051
Leilani will die in 2059

Thanks alot quicken!!!!

I deleted that feature on my file.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Speech

All in all very good. I will review more in depth coming up later today.
Remember though speeches are emblazoned upon the pages of history
even more so when the words find new meanings in the actions they foretold.
Let me know your thoughts via email.

Is this your child ?

OK we all have some "moments" with our kids, and I KNOW I will have some with Colin.........

anyway watch this !

Monday, January 19, 2009


Chris Harrison is a friend and I enjoy his show, but come on Jason
kept the girl who kept crying ?

That seems like a pity rose to me, my wife and I are still in shock ;)

Point two: did she brush her teeth after her sudden trip to the

I bet he is so sure who he likes he can afford to throw away
roses..... And how many girls did he make out with tonight....

Anyway I barely watch.......

January 20th

I am truly excited for tomorrow. We are in desperate need in this country of hope. We may reach higher than 1 in 10 people unemployed as we go forward. Times are incredibly tough and we need to find a way within our own daily lives to make a difference for each other.

Millions of Americans not only find themselves without jobs but also without health care. As a new parent I could not imagine delaying taking my son to the pediatrician because I was worried if we could afford the quality care we are used too.

Generations are defined by the actions and inaction's they take as a whole and not necessarily by the merits of one individual, still we must each take a first step. The men and women who fought in the days, months and years surrounding June 6th 1944 are labeled as our greatest generation, and rightly so. That does not mean that we can not strive for that greatness in the face of these unprecedented times.

Can we ask ourselves on a daily basis "How can I help someone today?" Even encouragement can provide such a lift for someone facing the dark vastness that is this recession. And it is not that everyone wants to be wealthy beyond their dreams, we just want to keep a roof over our head and food on the table for our kids. I have often found that as parents 99.99% just desire a better life for our children than we had. That thought is the same world over, crossing cultural boundaries, religious ideology and the color of our skin.

There are tough times ahead of us and this ocean will be tumultuous beyond our imagination, but every sea has a shore and we will say "land ho" again.

PS: Try and judge me by my words and not the below picture :)

OK This is very sad.....

When manscaping I went too far.
I look like the chubby kid from
the movie "Stand by Me".
No offense Jerry O'Connel

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

baptism picture

Is this not the cutest picture of our son Colin at his Baptism ? Anyone want to give me a caption? :) He really was happy......until the end lol

Monday, January 12, 2009

baby's room

OK who knew this one. I thought there was some problem with our heating and AC as a fine white dust kept developing in Colin's room. It had me worried sick. As it turns out the culprit was a humidifier we had because he had been sick. The hard water in Santa Clarita when run through a humidifier leaves a mineral deposit in the room that looks like white dust. The solution is distilled water if you have this problem.


Being a parent can be nerve racking :)