Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny 3 read down

Ok finally after I had Dawn next to me say Scott's name he started to wonder what's up! Now Dawn is the young lady sitting next to me I clued in when Scott got up to use the restroom.

Absolutely hilarious-

Of course I may get billed for this--

Funny part 2

Omg. It gets better. The attendant came around offering chips and asked us all--- yet Scott was looking out the window- so I plainly said "Scott chips?" and he said "no thanks" but had not yet realized how the heck the guy in 3B knows his name ?

Haha. How long can I keep this up or die from hysteria---

Funny Story

Sitting on a plane next to my attorney and he has not recognized me yet.
Granted I have a ball cap on but he is right next to me. Lol

And it's Southwest so the seats are tight!


How long will this last ?

Of course this update may not go through until we land-

Any bets?

Over/Under is 2 hours

He just sneezed and I said "God Bless You"

Oh this is too good.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good idea

Start a list of things that have relevance for you:

This list you give to your kids one day:
Movies you enjoyed
Songs that you loved
Places in this world that speak to you

What can we add to this?

Greatest sports moment?
Sox winning the Series will always be there in 04 and watching with my Dad and wife in 07

I still remember watching Flutie throw the pass for BC with my dad-

This is a sneaky way of making a journal :)
Start the list(s) and add to them when you can.

Email yourselves reminders when you think of one--

Except on Oct 5th (see previous post)

Friday, September 10, 2010

At dinner with Christmas

I am at dinner with Leilani trying to decide our favorite Christmas songs-

Not that you have asked BUT Lennon's Happy Christmas and James Taylor's version of the Christmas song are leading. Of course the guy at the bar with the guitar who is praying I am A&R is playing Sweet Caroline - did Diamond do any great Christmas tunes ?
...oh god he just segued into Skynyrd....

....he also did John Denver and I considered renting a small Piper or Beechcraft...

- of course a nod to Fogelberg as growing up in New England the "snow always turned to rain"