Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here is the reason I love American Idol. It especially shines during
this round of competition. There are rare moments in life when things
can be so pure. When presentation is real and no one questions the
moment. These kids have their dreams, regardless of what we think of
the show the process or the result. Products of their own reality we
can suspend judgement of someone in this regard.

The moment I love is when the doors open and the families scream, the
arms go wide, the eyes fill up and unadulterated joy just fills the
contestants face. I really believe these moments are real and are
truly my favorite part of the show :) The golden ticket makes me smile.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot dogs and grapes

Applegate Farms makes a great beef hot dog. Not that many calories for
Da either. So me and Mr. C just sit down together for lunch and enjoy.
Pirate's Booty (Veggie) also great for kids as they are light and easy
to chomp.

.... I have a tired baby here though so I am pretty sure there is a
nap in someone's future :) AND today is Friday so I will be here in
the AM when this little monster wakes up running around the house like
a wild banshee.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colin Starts Flagyl Tomorrow

This is a wide spectrum antibiotic at three times a day…ugh…

He is sound asleep in the car :) Look at that blonde hair.

Growing well, 80 th percentile today at Doc.



OK seriously “Skinny Cow”: Does that just sound funny the idea that I am eating this ice cream sandwich that is labeled skinny and cow ?

Do we really have that many skinny cows? granted they are delicious and 120 calories or something but…the name… hmmm

What about “Skinny Pig” kind of the same thing right? Minus the dairy reference….

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok I know it is not the manliest but I am going to get a Mani/pedi
today. This is my wife's idea. I want no flack from my logger friends
that hit me from Alaska on Twitter or my buddy Dave a Grade III LAPD
detective. When your wife's says jump sometimes you don't even ask how just jump. Mind you I am going to drive over to this "Nail
Palace" with the radio cranked and the windows all the way down. I
might even put the dog on the front seat and borrow my neighbors
F-350. Might go mudding afterwards....or in the very least throw an
add shot in my caramel machiatto. Stand back there is 6' 202lb man
hitting the streets. Oh yeah this is what I do when we have a baby
sitter :)

Hmm I should chop something down after...or hammer something......or
then again I'll probably just watch that backyard show on HGTV.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Valentine,

I'm a listener and a fan.  I heard you lamenting your diet.


Two years ago I lost 40 lbs.  Now I have gained them back plus 25 more.  Unfortunately, I outweigh you.  I'd be happy to have someone to push and support me in my current push to lose about 65 pounds.  Last time, I sensibly lost approximately 3 lbs. per week.  I'd like to meet or exceed that.


About me:  I'm a little older than you and am a single mother of a 13 year old boy.  Actually, I share custody.  So he's with me half time.   I am an attorney and have my own practice. As of now, I don't have health issues, but I find that my weight interferes with my life and my mobility.


Let me know if you want to give it a shot.


The challenge is on....

Hi Val,
           Way to go, I am with you in this challenge. I weighted 207 lbs  in April 09, currently I am 190 lbs up from 182 lbs. My aim is 175.Will also follow you on twitter. Do you have Lose It! on your Iphone. Let me know.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OK This is funny...when your agent drops you...

BUT forgets to tell you........Now I am ok with this as the last Network show I hosted was Married By America on FOX so it has been a bit and the radio career is going fine....but you might get a kick out of my agents letter to me. Welcome to Hollywood kids !

Read from bottom up --

-----Original Message-----From: E***
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:50:41 -0800Subject: RE: Question

hi sean,

happy new year!! wow things have changed around here. not sure if you heard, but we merged with endeavor over the summer, john ferriter left the agency and we have had a huge purging of clients.

to be honest, I would tell you to look for new representation. I thought someone from the department would have called you and give you this information.

I am happy to speak over the phone about it if you want to catch up.

best of luck.


From: sean
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:04 AM

Hey do you guys still rep me? NBC called and said they have a timeslot opening for me :)

No but seriously, I have not heard from anyone in a while, no worries just want to see what's up as 2010 moves forward.

I hope you are well.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Christmas was amazing, even though we were in the doctors office on
the 24th and drawing blood on the 26th we were together :) loving each
other and I am happier and fatter for it !!

His grandparents were with us for two weeks before Christmas and his
Nana has come now after Christmas- he finds them so much more
entertaining than us.

The update on my lovebug has us driving to see his GI specialist today.
We have a good feeling about it.

Through the holiday period and another Hospital stay we ruled out
leukemia, lymhomas, and lots of bad things. That is a blessing. Those
prayers are helping :)

We are thrilled so many things have been crossed off with endless
blood work, biopsies, swabs, PET/CT scans and MRI's.

He still has this fever at different points everyday but it does not
stop him from wanting to laugh and play, so all any parent can do is
press on and continue with the best care and love humanly possible.

We have received so many amazing and really heartfelt letters from
folks across the country and down the street and I am doing my best to
respond to all of them. It may take a bit, but please know that I am
reading them all! Many parents are/have been in similiar situations
as to us and know that my prayers include you as well. There is
nothing wrong with praying for each other :)

I daydream sometimes about when Colin was born and I went outside for
the first time, how everything seemed so different. It was brighter
and honestly somewhat amazing. I try and remember that as our daily
struggles place their weight upon us, that being a parent has no real
manual and when your child is sick so much of the world really fades
away. That is ok. We are ok. He is in the car seat next to me as his
mommy drives and I watch him rub his tired baby eyes. (someone refused
a nap today)

He is going to get better and we won't give up! And one day in the not
so distant future he may even eat a piece of broccoli. I know, I
know....but it never hurts to hold onto a dream for just one extra
breath. That might just be the extra push it needed to fly.