Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Colin as a ghost

Blanket over his head in the crib

Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Recall

Standard Homeopathic Company, in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is voluntarily recalling its Hyland's Teething Tablets. The company is initiating this recall in an abundance of caution due to an FDA investigation of its manufacturing facility. Hyland's Teething Tablets are manufactured in the United States and distributed throughout North America.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colin Update :)

So I was sitting here and thought to myself maybe I have not done a Colin update in a while.
When you receive so many well wishes and prayers for your child who is ill, you never forget.
Colin is doing great! The fevers are down for over 3 months now and he is thriving. He did have tubes put in his ears and an adenoidectomy which seems to have helped.
I'm not sure if as a parent you ever stop worrying, but knowing that bone marrow biopsies, carcenoid tests, nueroblastoma results are negative can be a huge relief !
One thing I have learned with all our hospital stays is that even though the results were negative for us, there are parents who have different outcomes.
The doctor walked into their hospital room with different results.  
I know what it is like to sit around a hospital pacing, or to just wait by a phone and wonder if "no call yet" is a good thing or bad.
So as we race towards the holidays we always try and remember others in our prayers, but sometimes we get tough news on days that just end in a "y".
Thank you for caring about our son :)
Facebook "Pages"   "Valentine in the Morning"
PS : My police uniform stilll fits !  (not the pants though..)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny 3 read down

Ok finally after I had Dawn next to me say Scott's name he started to wonder what's up! Now Dawn is the young lady sitting next to me I clued in when Scott got up to use the restroom.

Absolutely hilarious-

Of course I may get billed for this--

Funny part 2

Omg. It gets better. The attendant came around offering chips and asked us all--- yet Scott was looking out the window- so I plainly said "Scott chips?" and he said "no thanks" but had not yet realized how the heck the guy in 3B knows his name ?

Haha. How long can I keep this up or die from hysteria---

Funny Story

Sitting on a plane next to my attorney and he has not recognized me yet.
Granted I have a ball cap on but he is right next to me. Lol

And it's Southwest so the seats are tight!


How long will this last ?

Of course this update may not go through until we land-

Any bets?

Over/Under is 2 hours

He just sneezed and I said "God Bless You"

Oh this is too good.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good idea

Start a list of things that have relevance for you:

This list you give to your kids one day:
Movies you enjoyed
Songs that you loved
Places in this world that speak to you

What can we add to this?

Greatest sports moment?
Sox winning the Series will always be there in 04 and watching with my Dad and wife in 07

I still remember watching Flutie throw the pass for BC with my dad-

This is a sneaky way of making a journal :)
Start the list(s) and add to them when you can.

Email yourselves reminders when you think of one--

Except on Oct 5th (see previous post)

Friday, September 10, 2010

At dinner with Christmas

I am at dinner with Leilani trying to decide our favorite Christmas songs-

Not that you have asked BUT Lennon's Happy Christmas and James Taylor's version of the Christmas song are leading. Of course the guy at the bar with the guitar who is praying I am A&R is playing Sweet Caroline - did Diamond do any great Christmas tunes ?
...oh god he just segued into Skynyrd....

....he also did John Denver and I considered renting a small Piper or Beechcraft...

- of course a nod to Fogelberg as growing up in New England the "snow always turned to rain"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Live in a TV Show

I got some great responses to this, and it's fun to play at the dinner table.

If you could live in a TV show what would it be? Your not the "character" but you live in their world.

A few of your picks then mine:

Golden Girls - (nice Liam)
Hart to Hart
Original Star Trek
Sex and the City
Saved by the Bell
Mr. Belvedere
Grey's Anatomy
The Real Housewives of "any city"
Twin Peaks (odd)
Flinstones (very odd)
Magnum PI
Fantasy Island
Gilligans Island (from a Ginger fan)
Falcon Crest (last 3 from same guy)
American Idol (Ryan fan)
Hawaii 5-0

Alot of kids in the 80's.....or we need better shows.

I am sticking with the Love Boat!
Great mixed drinks, always new folks to meet, good weather, shuffle board,
...wait that last part might be a negative.

What's yours ?

I did like "Murder She Wrote" because Cabbot Cove is so pretty but the higher "crime rate" and lack of an appropriate police response was a turn off.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello world-

Our son Colin's neuroblastoma results are normal !! Just spoke with his doctor and levels are fine!

I am in tears

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My tush

O my o my-
This is my tush
Colin bit my butt through my shorts. All night I was like a "Nam" vet with Post Traumatic Stress. Everytime I saw him I got nervous - he had that look!

I hated when he went behind the kitchen island and I lost sight of him.

Freaked me out like when you think there is something in the water below you but you just can't see it!
I'd catch a glimpse of him .."what's that...did you see that..where is it?"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Proud Daddy

It's funny what little moments that may have no great meaning to
others are simply amazing to ones self. I am watching Colin take his
French Fries and dip them one at a time in the ketchup and then so
gently deliver to his mouth avoiding and incidental contact with his
face. That "incidental" contact you may have noticed in previous
pictures. Lol

He is amazing :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Waiting in surgery for Colins procedure to finish. Everytime your kid
goes under general is scary.
3rd time for this 2 year old.

I am pathetic-while they gave him twilight gas I started balling. Kids
are just afraid at that point and then the poor guy sees Niagra Dad

It is hard though as all he sees his Dad and stranger forcing him to
breathe through a mask.

They are great doctors though, I am confident he will be fine and as
procedures go it is done quite routinely.

I did just spill coffee all over my shirt in the waiting room though
so we'll see if my wife or son disowns me in a few :)

Colin's Daddy
Leilani's Husband
Red Sox Fan

Twitter @Go4Valentine


Not going to at work in the AM - taped alot of stuff today. Colins
surgery is at 7:30 AM. We have to wake the babe up and hop in the car.
We were up late tonight playing "tent" under the covers on our bed. We
hide from his mom there, though the giggling usually gives us away :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My son found the Ketchup

....anyone think I am in trouble ?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cancer Rates:

Now let me hit the disclaimer first. I do not know if this is true or not but I do know some of the towns listed in the following reports are being analyzed for contaminents as some people believe there to be higher Cancer rates in some of the areas within a certain radius of this facility.

There may be nothing to this-but I found it interesting that the Realtor never mentioned anything about it.

Feel free to google "towns near SSFL cancer"

I would love to hear from folks in the area as well to learn what they know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AP MJ Timeline

This is a really interesting read from the AP on Michael Jackson and his final 24 hours.

LOS ANGELES – A year ago, the world watched as Michael Jackson balanced on the edge of a precipice. Behind the once-proclaimed King of Pop was a bleak stretch of pain and artistic decline. Ahead lay a series of 50 London concerts — a high-rolling bid to reassert his musical brilliance and re-establish control of his life.

Jackson was poised for a great leap of faith, one testing himself and those who believed in him. It was a chance to silence detractors who had mocked his increasingly clownish, artificial appearance and what appeared to be an equally artificial and veiled version of family life with the three children he was raising alone.

Harsher critics cast him as a man who used wealth and celebrity to elude justice on child molestation charges.

The elaborately staged shows set to begin last July 13 at London's famed O2 Arena represented winner take all, or lose all, for an entertainer who'd been famous for most of his 50 years.

He was ready. The audience was ready. Then he was gone. Less than three weeks before his new life may have started on a stage filled with special effects and song, the old one ended in a cloud of drugs and unfulfilled dreams.

Outwardly, Jackson had seemed fit as he prepared for the London shows, and his autopsy found he was in relatively strong physical condition for a man his age.

But privately, he was struggling with chronic insomnia that he battled with a regular regimen of powerful drugs.

In the year since Jackson's shockingly abrupt death on June 25, 2009, from an overdose of sedatives, a fuller picture of his last day has emerged. What follows is a comprehensive reconstruction of those final 24 hours by The Associated Press.

Exactly what happened during that time may never be known, as the only person with him was his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered a series of drugs to help his patient sleep. Murray is due to stand trial later this year on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

But witness accounts and court documents agree: Jackson's final day started off like many others.


Early in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 24, Michael Jackson came down the stairs of his rented mansion and sat with his kids for what would be their last meal together.

He had a rehearsal later that night so he wanted to eat something light but sustaining. His personal chef, Kai Chase, prepared seared ahi tuna with an organic salad and a glass of carrot and orange juice.

"He smiled and put his hands together for a prayer," Chase said. "He said, 'Thank you, God bless you.'"

The singer, Chase recalled, looked well, seemed energized and was in a good mood.


Shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jackson left his eight-bedroom mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills, an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood sandwiched between Bel-Air and Beverly Hills.

He got into the back of a navy-blue Escalade driven by bodyguard Faheen Muhammad. His personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, sat in the front.

They traveled downtown to the Staples Center, where Jackson and his team of musicians and dancers were in final rehearsals before heading to London. Jackson's logistics director, Alberto Alvarez, met the Escalade and drove Jackson in a golf cart to his dressing room.

Several people recalled Jackson being in good shape that night.

"He was completely enthused," said Dorian Holley, Jackson's longtime vocal director and a singer for the upcoming "This Is It" shows. "It was hard to discern any difference between his energy and his physicality between then and his earlier days."

Jackson went through several classic numbers, including "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," "Billie Jean," "Smooth Criminal," and "She's Out of My Life."

With an enormous monitor installed onstage, Jackson for the first time was shown video accompaniments to some of these songs, said Holley, who was standing beside Jackson during the rehearsal.

"It was eye-popping," Holley said. "He was grinning from ear to ear."

Tim Patterson, one of two cameramen who shot footage of the rehearsals and later helped edit it into the film "This Is It," recalled that Jackson was especially wowed by a 3-D segment on "Thriller" where a crystal ball floats out toward the audience.

"I remember Michael reached out and grabbed it," Patterson said. "He loved it."

Later that night, Jackson and his dancers performed "Thriller" on stage in full costume for the first time.

"His face said it all, he loved it," said Kriyss Grant, one of the dancers Jackson picked for the show.

Ken Ehrlich, an executive producer of the Grammys, went to the Staples Center to discuss with Jackson a Halloween special. Afterward, Ehrlich watched from the stadium floor as the rehearsal continued.

"He was really in good shape, he was very excited about the tour, very excited about getting it going," Ehrlich said. "He certainly didn't exhibit any signs of being tired or not being with it."


The rehearsal ended around midnight Wednesday night with a performance of "Earth Song." The singer hugged his dancers, thanked the crew and wished them a good night. "God bless you," Patterson and Grant recalled him saying.

Jackson returned to Carolwood Drive, stopping briefly at its metal gate to greet a small group of fans who had gathered outside his home.

As they pulled into the driveway, the bodyguard Muhammad noticed Dr. Murray's car parked outside the home, just as it had been many nights previously.

Jackson's security personnel escorted him into the house and to the foot of the stairs. No one, except for Murray and Jackson's children, was allowed upstairs.

Soon after Jackson arrived home, he started complaining of fatigue and that he needed sleep.


Murray, according to a police affidavit, was concerned Jackson was addicted to propofol, a powerful anesthetic normally used only in medical settings with special equipment on hand. He told police he was trying to wean Jackson from propofol and had not given him the drug for two nights.

At around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 25, he again tried this approach, giving Jackson a 10-milligram Valium tablet. The anti-anxiety medication had no immediate effect and about a half hour later, the doctor gave 2 milligrams of lorazepam, another medication from the same family as Valium, administered through a saline drip.

When Jackson remained awake, Murray administered a 2-milligram dose of midazolam, another sedative, at 3 a.m., then another 2 milligrams of lorazepam at 5 a.m.

By 7:30 a.m., Jackson remained awake. Murray told police he injected another 2 milligrams of midazolam into Jackson's drip.

Still, Jackson could not sleep.

He lay restlessly on the white sheets of his renaissance-style double bed with a curlicued headboard. Beside him, investigators would later find a porcelain doll in the likeness of a little blond boy. Several oxygen bottles were by the door and on the night stand beside the bed was a stack of DVDs, including children's films.

Authorities would also note how untidy and warm Jackson's living quarters were. Jackson kept his inner sanctum fully heated, even though it was early summer in Los Angeles.


After experiencing a sleepless night, Murray said Jackson made repeated demands for propofol, a white liquid drug he sometimes would refer to as his "milk." Around 10:40 a.m. Thursday, Murray said he gave in to Jackson's demands and pushed 25 milligrams of the substance into Jackson's drip.

The chronology comes from a June 27 police interview with Murray, though the doctor's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, has contested investigators' interpretation of events. Chernoff declined to comment for this story.

Murray remained with the sedated singer for about 10 minutes, then left for the bathroom, the affidavit stated. Less than two minutes later, Murray returned — and found Jackson not breathing.

Phone logs show Murray made at least three calls between 11:18 and 11:51 a.m. — to his Las Vegas clinic, a patient, and a friend.

When Murray discovered Jackson was not breathing, he called the personal assistant Williams and at 12:13 left a message saying, "Call me right away, call me right away," according to a statement obtained by AP. Williams called back and Murray said: "Get here right away, Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction. He had a bad reaction."

Williams called Muhammad, then Alvarez, who was located in a security trailer outside the house. Alvarez told investigators he rushed upstairs and entered a bedroom to find the singer lying on a bed with his arms outstretched and his eyes and mouth open.

At his side, Murray was administering CPR with one hand.

"Alberto, Alberto, come quickly," Murray said, according to the statement. "He had a reaction, he had a bad reaction."

In a proposed contract with concert promoter AEG, Murray had asked for a heart resuscitation machine and a nurse as a condition of treating Jackson. Neither was in place when the singer died.

Two of Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, came in the room, crying as they saw Murray trying to save their father. They were quickly escorted outside.

Alvarez told investigators that Murray asked him to pick up a few vials with rubber tops and put them in a bag. It was only after these bottles had been cleared that Murray told Alvarez to call 911.

"I need an ambulance as soon as possible," Alvarez told a dispatcher. "We have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing."

They put Jackson on the floor, then Muhammad rushed into the room and began helping with chest compressions while Murray attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


By 12:27 p.m. on Thursday, paramedics had arrived. They later wrote Jackson was not breathing and had no pulse at 12:29 p.m.

However, Murray stated he could feel a weak pulse in Jackson's upper thigh area, Alvarez and Muhammad said. No one else felt it.

A paramedic report stated that emergency responders tried two rounds of resuscitation attempts and were ready to discontinue treatment, but Murray said he would take responsibility and insisted resuscitation be continued in the ambulance.

The stricken star was taken the short distance to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center at 1:07 p.m., when doctors tried a range of resuscitation techniques, including the insertion of a balloon pump designed to move blood around his body.

Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m.

After the death was called, Murray started crying, Williams told investigators.

He told the Jackson children that their father had passed away, then asked to return to the house.

"Is there any way I can go home, or be taken to the house," the doctor said, according to Alvarez's statement. "I want to get my car, and I'm hungry."

Williams said he didn't think it was a good idea for Murray to return to the house. He spoke to Muhammad and they concocted a story that police had taken all the keys to the vehicles.

Murray indicated he would take a cab, and Williams said he saw him leave the hospital through a side door.

Williams told Muhammad to call security at the home and make sure no one got into the house.

"Lock it down," Williams said.


AP Entertainment Writer Anthony McCartney contributed to this story.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh to be 2

What's it like to be two? To be obsessed with cheese puffs and the
bouncy castle in the backyard. To have no fear of falling into the
pond nor the large quacking duck waiting for you.
To be forever distracted by airplanes in the sky and ants walking
below. To finding instant comfort for all your troubles in the arms of
your mom :) Whatever your concerns may be, duck swam away, plane is
gone by, and the dog ate your cheese puff. Oh to be 2!

Good news ants are still there.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days (6)


Seriously world what’s your plan? 

I have mine :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days (5)


30 Pictures in 30 Days (via my friend @anabrandt )

No time today Colin had some priority bloodwork :(


Diaper Warning

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an investigation into Pampers diapers with Dry Max after some parents complained that the new diapers appear to be the cause of rashes and chemical burns on their children.
Pampers recently updated its Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers with a thinner, more absorbent technology in what the company has called its biggest diaper innovation in 25 years.
Several parents have said that their children developed diaper rashes and some claim to have seen chemical burns on their children after they started using the products, which Procter & Gamble said went through extensive testing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recall Notes

See previous post for updated UPC codes. I received the following from a friends pediatrician.

On April 30, 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in conjunction with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Inc. issued a voluntary recall of the following products:
Tylenol Infants' Drops
Children's Tylenol Suspensions
Children's Tylenol Plus Suspensions
Motrin Infants' Drops
Children's Motrin Suspensions
Children's Motrin Cold Suspensions
Children's Zyrtec Liquid in bottles
Children's Benadryl Allergy liquids in bottles
We want to assure everyone that there have been no serious medical problems reported as a result of using the recalled products. However, DO NOT use any product on the recall list. (Double check the NDC numbers on the above name brand products, and discard any medication if you find it listed.) If you have used any of the recalled product, the potential for serious medical problems is remote.
Generic versions of the above listed medications are not affected by the recall and are FINE to use. Purchase generic products of acetaminophen (otherwise known as Tylenol), ibuprofen (otherwise known as Motrin), or diphenhydramine (otherwise known as Benadryl). If you use Zyrtec, check with our office and we can recommend another over the counter allergy medication. As always, DO NOT use any adult version (generic or as listed above) for your children.
The McNeil company has arranged for coupons to refund your cost of replacing their product.
Again, we want to reassure all families that these recalls have not been issued due to any adverse medical effects. It seems they are due to quality control within the manufacturing process.

Children's Medicine Recall

Click through this information-

It has been updated

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days (4)

hospital These are some photos from one of Colin’s early hospital stays.  The world is so vast and infinite in it’s wonder but so small and fragile when held in your heart or asleep on his mother’s chest.


colin at chla

I like to look at these photo’s to remind me of what is really important in life. I do understand that everything is “relative”, but the health and well being of the ones’ we cherish provides so much more joy than the “accolades” we all strive for in corporate America.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days (3)

Italy had loads of statues that my wife asked me to get a shot of ….

italy man Library - 0238 

I enjoyed the architecture..

Library - 0174

As she had clearly gone to the birds.

italy birdLibrary - 0689

Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days (2)


Here are some pictures from my backyard. Flowers being one of the kindest subjects in nature, inherently full of beauty and bending only to the wind :)

bw bwflower DSCF0190b

Friday, April 30, 2010

30 Pictures in 30 Days

I plan on publishing tons of photos from my travels on our “lonely planet” but it is always good to start at home first.

I have no  idea how old I am in these pictures but they will make you laugh in the very least. Circa 1973-74 in Connecticut.

What a cutie…….and I’m in the photo too.

Erin is the Sheppard mix :)


 Scan003, April 15, 2001  sean

Saturday, April 24, 2010


As many of you know, my little guy has had some tough times in his first year. My wife sent this update out yesterday.

Good morning to our family and close friends!

Many of you have been asking for the latest update on Colin and his health.
We went to see the new GI Dr. a few weeks ago. He is very interested in finding a diagnosis for Colin's FUO (fever of an unknown origin) that he has had since October.
He ran some Bloodwork on a lot of different hormone levels and Colin has an elevated Serum Seratonin level. We were very concerned, as that specific level is an indicator for a very rare cancer called; Carcinoid.
The Dr then re-evaluated his endoscopy and colonoscopy with the pathologist and we also took Colin for an upper and lower GI series two weeks ago. The good news is that they didn't see any growths in the images, but they did see some lymphoid hyperplasia on his lower intestine. The Dr said that could have been caused by all of his GI issues that he had last year. He will let us know the next step. Which will probably be more bloodwork to recheck that hormone level.

We also saw Colin's immunologist on Monday for his regular every three week check up. He said he couldn't imagine seeing a more happy and healthy boy. He is growing like a weed, and his exam was perfect. His immunologist is going to run some more tests, but decided to let us wait until May  when we will see the GI Dr. again. That way Colin will only have to get poked once for all the bloodwork. Poor babe has been getting bloodwork every three weeks, so the decision to wait and do it all together was great news.

We will keep you posted.
We are extremely Blessed to have a pediatrician that is with us every step of the way.
(thanks is not enough, M.E.)
We will find the answer.
Thank you all for your continued love and prayers for Colin.

Leilani and Sean

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ok we were at 186 today- Operation lose the weight is almost at goal.

But have you ever noticed we have so many eating/drinking Holidays in
this country?

Halloween-Turkey Day-Christmas Season-NYears-Super Bowl-Valentines-
St.Pats-Easter-Cinco de Mayo-Spring breaks-Presidents Day-4th of July-
Labor Day-Birthdays-Anniversary-on and on and on-

We would all be skinnier with less Holidays


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twilight: New Moon

Ok I may not be spot on with this, but it is how I would like Twilight to continue/end.  First off YES I am a 41 year old guy and I watched Twilight and New Moon. I know not exactly the target. That is done though, we have that out of the way. 

I was interested for a few reasons:

1) Kristen Stewart is the daughter of a friend.  John Stewart who was my stage manager for “Married by America” and just a great guy in this town. I remember him telling me how excited he was for her to get “Panic Room” when we were on set for MBA.

2) My wife wanted to watch it. Again obvious.

3) Possible Vampire/Werewolf fight scenes-usually a good draw.

4) It was not written by the author of “The Notebook”

5) see above

6) I am a sucker for the obvious Romeo and Juliet theme.

7) “see how she leans her cheek upon her hand, o that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek.”

8) Baseball has not started yet.

9) I looks like really nice country, of course so did “Brokeback Mountain” and Cabot Cove in “Murder She Wrote”, not to mention Robin’s Nest in “Magnum PI”.

10) Why not ? everyone else was..


Now this is my ending. (no books have been read)

Bella will be bit. That is 100% guaranteed. It has to happen but what happens next is the shock.

Notice how no one can read Bella’s mind and Dakota Fanning’s character could not inflict pain ? Ay there’s the rub.

I think we shall find that Bella possesses unique qualities all her own.  Abilities hidden much like Jacob just found his “gift”.  It is the gift that hides in all of us that takes time to grow. Hmm

I hope you also caught Bella questioning the “fairy tales”.

“Is everything we read as a kid true?” If Vampires and werewolves are abound what else lies sleeping beneath the blanket of the night ?

I think Bella WILL be bit BUT never changes. She is immune to the Vampires’ kiss. Then we shall see Bella transform into her own “fairy tale” creature, hidden away behind those ever moody eyes.  A creature that will eventually find the “peace” between these fairy tale creations.


I have more but  have to go pick up dinner…………..

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just came across a few of these pics from a USO tour in Bosnia. You might get a kick out of the UXO sign if you know what it means   lol

DVC00077 DVC00068 DVC00013 DVC00012


Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't stop

You know what I can't stop doing- 
Just kissing him. It is crazy like I'm addicted to a drug. You just want to pick him up and grab him and just love him non-stop. It really is odd. I wonder what it feels like to him? There he is playing around doing his thing when this big guy sweeps in and just starts kissing him on the head over and over. Seriously it is addicting! ....and this giggle !  Aaaahhh!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am an Idiot

Ok for the record it may have sounded funny-but I would rather be the
parent that says something stupid than not ask.

Today at Colins doctor appointment I put it out there (again). I pride
myself on being a "red flag" person. I notice things that stand out
and red flag them. This is not the glass is half empty mentality but
rather a "mental note" of a possible follow up on my part, or just a
simple "...that's odd".

So when I told our Immunologist today that I have noticed a few times
Colin's breath had a sweet smell, I could have paused for a second
and possibly not denoted that it was reminiscent of marijuana. I did
say "it took me back to my Police days"- but forgot to mention that I
was wearing the badge in that flashback.

For the record neither Leilani or myself have ever used any kind of
drug. I was and remain a supporter of such programs like DARE.

This may not have been clear during my observational report on "pot

In the end we are testing his glucose levels etc. So that is great-but
our doctor thinks we might be or have been pot heads.

And Leilani has never noticed it so I may be delusional too--

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tastey meal

Steamed Salmon, Avocado and a garden rice. 500 calories and delicious.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here is the reason I love American Idol. It especially shines during
this round of competition. There are rare moments in life when things
can be so pure. When presentation is real and no one questions the
moment. These kids have their dreams, regardless of what we think of
the show the process or the result. Products of their own reality we
can suspend judgement of someone in this regard.

The moment I love is when the doors open and the families scream, the
arms go wide, the eyes fill up and unadulterated joy just fills the
contestants face. I really believe these moments are real and are
truly my favorite part of the show :) The golden ticket makes me smile.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot dogs and grapes

Applegate Farms makes a great beef hot dog. Not that many calories for
Da either. So me and Mr. C just sit down together for lunch and enjoy.
Pirate's Booty (Veggie) also great for kids as they are light and easy
to chomp.

.... I have a tired baby here though so I am pretty sure there is a
nap in someone's future :) AND today is Friday so I will be here in
the AM when this little monster wakes up running around the house like
a wild banshee.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colin Starts Flagyl Tomorrow

This is a wide spectrum antibiotic at three times a day…ugh…

He is sound asleep in the car :) Look at that blonde hair.

Growing well, 80 th percentile today at Doc.



OK seriously “Skinny Cow”: Does that just sound funny the idea that I am eating this ice cream sandwich that is labeled skinny and cow ?

Do we really have that many skinny cows? granted they are delicious and 120 calories or something but…the name… hmmm

What about “Skinny Pig” kind of the same thing right? Minus the dairy reference….

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok I know it is not the manliest but I am going to get a Mani/pedi
today. This is my wife's idea. I want no flack from my logger friends
that hit me from Alaska on Twitter or my buddy Dave a Grade III LAPD
detective. When your wife's says jump sometimes you don't even ask how just jump. Mind you I am going to drive over to this "Nail
Palace" with the radio cranked and the windows all the way down. I
might even put the dog on the front seat and borrow my neighbors
F-350. Might go mudding afterwards....or in the very least throw an
add shot in my caramel machiatto. Stand back there is 6' 202lb man
hitting the streets. Oh yeah this is what I do when we have a baby
sitter :)

Hmm I should chop something down after...or hammer something......or
then again I'll probably just watch that backyard show on HGTV.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Valentine,

I'm a listener and a fan.  I heard you lamenting your diet.


Two years ago I lost 40 lbs.  Now I have gained them back plus 25 more.  Unfortunately, I outweigh you.  I'd be happy to have someone to push and support me in my current push to lose about 65 pounds.  Last time, I sensibly lost approximately 3 lbs. per week.  I'd like to meet or exceed that.


About me:  I'm a little older than you and am a single mother of a 13 year old boy.  Actually, I share custody.  So he's with me half time.   I am an attorney and have my own practice. As of now, I don't have health issues, but I find that my weight interferes with my life and my mobility.


Let me know if you want to give it a shot.


The challenge is on....

Hi Val,
           Way to go, I am with you in this challenge. I weighted 207 lbs  in April 09, currently I am 190 lbs up from 182 lbs. My aim is 175.Will also follow you on twitter. Do you have Lose It! on your Iphone. Let me know.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OK This is funny...when your agent drops you...

BUT forgets to tell you........Now I am ok with this as the last Network show I hosted was Married By America on FOX so it has been a bit and the radio career is going fine....but you might get a kick out of my agents letter to me. Welcome to Hollywood kids !

Read from bottom up --

-----Original Message-----From: E***
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:50:41 -0800Subject: RE: Question

hi sean,

happy new year!! wow things have changed around here. not sure if you heard, but we merged with endeavor over the summer, john ferriter left the agency and we have had a huge purging of clients.

to be honest, I would tell you to look for new representation. I thought someone from the department would have called you and give you this information.

I am happy to speak over the phone about it if you want to catch up.

best of luck.


From: sean
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:04 AM

Hey do you guys still rep me? NBC called and said they have a timeslot opening for me :)

No but seriously, I have not heard from anyone in a while, no worries just want to see what's up as 2010 moves forward.

I hope you are well.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Christmas was amazing, even though we were in the doctors office on
the 24th and drawing blood on the 26th we were together :) loving each
other and I am happier and fatter for it !!

His grandparents were with us for two weeks before Christmas and his
Nana has come now after Christmas- he finds them so much more
entertaining than us.

The update on my lovebug has us driving to see his GI specialist today.
We have a good feeling about it.

Through the holiday period and another Hospital stay we ruled out
leukemia, lymhomas, and lots of bad things. That is a blessing. Those
prayers are helping :)

We are thrilled so many things have been crossed off with endless
blood work, biopsies, swabs, PET/CT scans and MRI's.

He still has this fever at different points everyday but it does not
stop him from wanting to laugh and play, so all any parent can do is
press on and continue with the best care and love humanly possible.

We have received so many amazing and really heartfelt letters from
folks across the country and down the street and I am doing my best to
respond to all of them. It may take a bit, but please know that I am
reading them all! Many parents are/have been in similiar situations
as to us and know that my prayers include you as well. There is
nothing wrong with praying for each other :)

I daydream sometimes about when Colin was born and I went outside for
the first time, how everything seemed so different. It was brighter
and honestly somewhat amazing. I try and remember that as our daily
struggles place their weight upon us, that being a parent has no real
manual and when your child is sick so much of the world really fades
away. That is ok. We are ok. He is in the car seat next to me as his
mommy drives and I watch him rub his tired baby eyes. (someone refused
a nap today)

He is going to get better and we won't give up! And one day in the not
so distant future he may even eat a piece of broccoli. I know, I
know....but it never hurts to hold onto a dream for just one extra
breath. That might just be the extra push it needed to fly.