Thursday, August 5, 2010

Live in a TV Show

I got some great responses to this, and it's fun to play at the dinner table.

If you could live in a TV show what would it be? Your not the "character" but you live in their world.

A few of your picks then mine:

Golden Girls - (nice Liam)
Hart to Hart
Original Star Trek
Sex and the City
Saved by the Bell
Mr. Belvedere
Grey's Anatomy
The Real Housewives of "any city"
Twin Peaks (odd)
Flinstones (very odd)
Magnum PI
Fantasy Island
Gilligans Island (from a Ginger fan)
Falcon Crest (last 3 from same guy)
American Idol (Ryan fan)
Hawaii 5-0

Alot of kids in the 80's.....or we need better shows.

I am sticking with the Love Boat!
Great mixed drinks, always new folks to meet, good weather, shuffle board,
...wait that last part might be a negative.

What's yours ?

I did like "Murder She Wrote" because Cabbot Cove is so pretty but the higher "crime rate" and lack of an appropriate police response was a turn off.