Monday, March 30, 2009

Angels and Fairies

I know where they live. I have seen them fly out of their home with upturned wings and trails of pixie dust behind them, they vanish into our world. I feel the flutter of their wings in the darkness, closing my eyes and holding my breath...a split second. They are there. I felt them again tonight.
I sat back in the chair with my eyes turned down, listening to each breath. They were deep and rhythmic. The kind of breath that you know leads to a distant slumber in some far away land, full of vibrant colors. I know where they live.
I picture them riding the wave of every breath, like a surfer engages that deepest blue. The desire they have to follow it in, to ride it to the shore is what allows me to see them. To feel that flutter on my skin. I know where they live.
The muscles start to pull back and the lips curl ever so slight as this wave begins its journey. The mouth is open now and my son is yawning. His lungs are taking in air, that precious and unseen giver of life. Angels and Fairies, I know where they live. They live in my son, and as he yawns they begin their ride. Their wings flit with anticipation upon hearing this tiny creature opening a door to our world. So they fly with upturned wings on the breath of my son. I felt them again tonight. They flew right past my face and vanished into the toys and lovies that lay by the crib. That's ok I will visit them again. I know where they live.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


My wife's birthday is this weekend. Anyone got any sreaming ideas?
Originality = Points

Of course if it's your idea and I borrow it, I will give you credit
in my liner notes. :)

Colin is going to walk on his own soon. I can remember when we never
thought he would crawl. He flys around our kitchen like it's Nascar
for drunk 11.5 month olds. Yeah almost a year, doesn't it go by in a

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leilani's Blog

Here is the link:

Taking time....

There are 3 kinds of people in this world.

1 Those who will do something for you and look for something in return.

2 Those who will do something for you and not look for anything in return but rather they keep a mental note: "yeah I did something for them..." They never really forget the favor.

3 Those who will do something for you and never look for anything in return. You were there to be helped and it was their duty as a fellow human being to do just that.

Always amazing to me when someone takes time to make a difference in the life of another. So many of us do not understand how something small can mean so much and have such a cascading effect.

A guy held the door for me the other day walking out of the building (something I commonly do as well), I of course thanked him.

I in turn held the door for a young lady later that day who blew right past me talking on her phone. I told her she was welcome.

I am working towards number 3.

Boogie Wipes

Click over to my wife's blog if you have a kid that ever gets a runny nose :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Greatest Regret

I asked Leilani what her greatest regret was this weekend, as I was wondering what mine might be. She will post hers on her blog.

It is not so much that our life has been affected by it so much as to produce an effect (lol) but rather we look back and realize there was another path that we wish could have been part of this life.

I admire and respect those men and women that serve our country in the Armed Forces. I see them as ready and willing to stand and be called upon at a moments notice to defend this way of life we all enjoy. The character that an 18 year old boy from Des Moines (now a man) draws upon, that allows him to comprehend this duty he has accepted is special. They come from all walks of life, some backgrounds that are financially better than others. Still for the most part it is not the money, the GI bill, the adventure, or the intrigue of what if....there has to be an underlying realization that you may be placed in harm's way. Some of these men and women have families directly effected by this on a daily basis. The credit should be given to them as well for standing tall and resolute in support of our soldiers.

So I guess my greatest regret is that I do not have my name on that list in such amazing company, my life has taken a different path. I will forever though sing the praises of our Nation's fighting forces at home and abroad.

My father was Army, my brother-in-laws Navy and my godson Air Force.

If your loved one has served tell them thank you from me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Barbie gets a Tattoo

50 th year I guess.....and now Barbie gets some ink. Your daughters (and boys) can put the tattoo's on barbie and on themselves as well. Here are some quotes from today's show on what you thought:

Come any of the listeners ever let their kids put on temporary tattoos? Neither my husband or myself have tattoos but I let my kids wear temporary tattoos and I am not afraid that this is going to make them want one.

My husband went shopping for my daughters first Barbie and came home with Presidential Barbie. When asked he said it was the only one that had clothes on.

OK Loved that last line. The best !

I grew up in the 60’s. My friends and I put tattoos on our dolls…either by stickers or by pens.
They all do it.

My only concern, since I do not plan on buying my son Barbie's, is that we teach our young girls just one more thing that they'll think they need to be beautiful. I have nothing against "tattoos", I would actually get a picture of Hervey Villachez if I did get a "tat".

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bonus Code for LA/OC/Riverside Listeners

The bonus code will be "Twitter" That's right that goofy little thing I joined a week ago. Use that bonus code and prosper, and of course let me know you used it. You can join twitter to the right and follow "Go4Valentine". It is kind of like a blog but not as in depth, ask your kids they will fill you in. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bachelor = Lame What do you think ?

This is what my friend Amy thinks:
What do you think ?
to me it does all seem fake
did you see the US MAG that said it was fake??
you have to ask Chris
reasons i think it was fake
1. no one seemed upset
that first girl Melissa who he was supposedly engaged to
would have been CRYINGGGGGGG if he really just dumped her! and live on TV
2. if he really did dump her
but WHY would she hand him back the ring
and walk out of there
3. molly is acting WAY to weird
like she knew it was coming
I'm sure she is happy but she is acting weird
4. if you were really going to dump somehow wouldn't you do it in private
5. if you were Molly wouldn't you say ...hey idiot...why did you dump me in Australia
what the heck
you would be upset!
she's way too giddy
and she would say you put me through weeks of hell watching this show knowing you dump my ***
6. how awkward is it when Chris has to toss to commercials
during the drama

Bachelor = Lame

Seriously this bachelor thing is nuts.
Head over to my tweet on the right for play by play-

They are all INSANE, come on they are making out and he just dumped
the other girl.

He'll dump this girl in six months too

I am sure all this fits perfectly into raising a SON!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ok beat my wife 6-2 in tennis today. She does have a mean backhand, but my secret weapon always wins out.  She is incredibly distracted by my dashing good looks and how handsome I am in those Capri style pants that Rafael Nadal wears. I know it is hard to believe how anyone could have a fair shake versus such intimidating opposition.