Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just came across a few of these pics from a USO tour in Bosnia. You might get a kick out of the UXO sign if you know what it means   lol

DVC00077 DVC00068 DVC00013 DVC00012


Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't stop

You know what I can't stop doing- 
Just kissing him. It is crazy like I'm addicted to a drug. You just want to pick him up and grab him and just love him non-stop. It really is odd. I wonder what it feels like to him? There he is playing around doing his thing when this big guy sweeps in and just starts kissing him on the head over and over. Seriously it is addicting! ....and this giggle !  Aaaahhh!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am an Idiot

Ok for the record it may have sounded funny-but I would rather be the
parent that says something stupid than not ask.

Today at Colins doctor appointment I put it out there (again). I pride
myself on being a "red flag" person. I notice things that stand out
and red flag them. This is not the glass is half empty mentality but
rather a "mental note" of a possible follow up on my part, or just a
simple "...that's odd".

So when I told our Immunologist today that I have noticed a few times
Colin's breath had a sweet smell, I could have paused for a second
and possibly not denoted that it was reminiscent of marijuana. I did
say "it took me back to my Police days"- but forgot to mention that I
was wearing the badge in that flashback.

For the record neither Leilani or myself have ever used any kind of
drug. I was and remain a supporter of such programs like DARE.

This may not have been clear during my observational report on "pot

In the end we are testing his glucose levels etc. So that is great-but
our doctor thinks we might be or have been pot heads.

And Leilani has never noticed it so I may be delusional too--

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tastey meal

Steamed Salmon, Avocado and a garden rice. 500 calories and delicious.