Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young man at the Airport

I saw a young man at the airport this weekend, who seemingly had lost his legs in combat. Unobtrusively he made his way off the flight, guided by another service member. Folded neatly beneath his hands appeared to be a Marine Corps cap and uniform. We "the people" sat with our Starbucks and I-pods in our world, waiting for flights that would bring us to or from our loved ones, but I couldn't help but feel we should all stand up, if even for a moment. Is there a proper way to say thank you? Can we ease ones pain for what they have gone through and what comes next? I did not personally have my answer, so I silently thanked this young man who was physically part of my life for all of twenty seconds, but whom I hope will remain in my thoughts for much longer.

Shorty after I texted my 2nd Lt. godson, waiting for his flight to Ramstein, Germany, I was proud of him.

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